Saturday, 4 July 2015

Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri ~France~

Johnny's Journey
Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri
~Alone Trip Across France On Local Trains~

Takaki Yuya, Chinen Yuri,

yeahh... finally finish watching all the 12-episodes...
lucky me since I found it with eng subs...
~arigatou for subs it~

it is a travel across France,
from Paris to Nice in 8 days...

what can I said about 8 Days-travelling-across-France?
for Takaki: soo childish nee but proud to see how Takaki can be relied on
when both of them unable to find place to sleep..
at the end they stayed with French-family....

for Chinen: love how he persuade Takaki to ride the paragliding...
I wish I had a chance to ride it... (^^,)

overall, I like it..
even there are many obstacles but they managed to do it...

last words on the last day...
it is from Chinen coz it was Chinen turn to write the diary on that day;
"...Let's not run away and let's work hard to find something beyond all that..."

Takaki Yuya, Chinen Yuri,

 I want to provide the link but
I do feel it is unfair to share the link
without the community consent..
so, it is better if I just share the link of community that subs
this journey... and U just need to be the member of that community
to get the subs..

so for those who want the link, just give me a short message to me
and I will send you the link....(^^,) and of course it is with eng subs....