Friday, 17 April 2015

Saigo No Yakusoku [最後の約束] ~The Last Promise~

nak share about this 2010-movie ni...
actually, mula2 pi tekan tu coz
the main actors is group ARASHI...
so, bila tekan tu mestilah nk tgok cikit kan..
eh... eh!!! mcm best la plak..
haha.. gitu sih citernya yg menyebabkan
aku this morning xtidurrr...

Saigo No Yakusoku [最後の約束]
~The Last Promise~

it is about one company has been hijacked
by one group of terrorist...

masaki aiba as coffee shop employee

jun matsumoto as motorcycle courier

kazunari ninomiya as security centre employee

satoshi ohno as employee of cleaning company

sho sakurai as insurance salesman

within 90-minutes,
the terrorist want the President of the company
(Energy Bio Corporation)
prepared 300 million yen...

if the President failed to prepare the money,
the timed-bomb will explode...
that bomb was place at 25th floor
while all the employees of that company
need to gathered at 15th floor...

can the President prepared the money?
will the bomb explode?
who are the terrorist?

i like the ending part!!!
even it is far from my expectation,
but i'm happy coz it doesn't waste my time at all...
this movie full of surprises, suspense and curious...
its also touch friendship+family elements...
also employee-employer r/ship....

here the link of this movie..
(with eng subs)

~credit to the owner~