Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy 27th birthday (^^,)

To: 高木雄也
happy 27th birthday!!!!

HEY SAY JUMP, takaki yuya, 27th, birthday,

Best wishes for your birthday!

" each group, there must be someone who can lighten up the atmosphere…
that person doesn’t need to make jokes to make people around them feel happy,
it is just that his existence make everybody comfortable…
I think Yuyan suit with this job…
you may be look little bit wild but your inner is soft…
you know, that gap make you different with others...
just continue being JUMP childish-niichan..."

since I got some free time, I decided to edit his pic...
it's a rare for me to edit his pic bcoz I'm always get problem to edit his face...

somehow when I make changes/edit on his face,
his face turn to be someone else (--',)
either become YamaP or Kame...
so it's quite troublesome actually...
-opps...I didn't mean it-
however, tonight I managed to finished it
and yatta, after I finished editing the pic,
I was really relieved...
I said to myself, "ヤッタ!!!... It's Takaki!!!!"

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

[10th anniversary] Hey! Say! JUMP ~MusicStation & Buzz Rhythm~

last 24-2-2017, HSJ busy in promoting their new singles that released on 22-2.2017
which called as "Over The Top"...
they got a chance to perform at Music Station and also be the guest of Buzz Rhythm...


Music Station

Music Station, Hey Say JUMP, EXILE The Second, LiSA,

personally I'm quite unsatisfied with JUMP costume during their performance at Music Station... I thought they would be in full-black costume... during that performance, JUMP had wore blue-black & white costume + white shoes... it's not bad actually but I think JUMP will look more kakkoii if they are in full-black costume...

Music Station

Hey Say JUMP, Music Station,

*they looks like doing an aerobic...(--,) one more thing.... I just feel pity for Keito... huhu... the camera quite late in focusing him during his solo part...

but, I'm satisfied towards the ending of HSJ performance!!!... it is bcoz Tamori-san had imitate HSJ....!!!

Music Station

*I really like this part(^^,)

Tamori, Ayaka Hironaka

*I've never see Tamori-san smiling like that and he does that during JUMP performance!!! he also imitate JUMP and Ayaka Hironaka, who sit beside him just laughing cutely....


I think this is the 3rd times JUMP be the guest for this show....
and you know what, I really like the set!!!....

Buzz Rhythm

there is a huge headphone where actually it is a speaker
and the grey area is a sofa....

Bakarhythm Masuno, Maggy,

MC for his show is Bakarhythm Masuno and Maggy...
I just know little bit about this duo MC...
1- Hidetomo Masuno is also known as Bakarhythm Masuno
he is Japanese comedian, narrator, lyricist, playwright and actor
2- Maggy is a biracial Japanese Canadian model and artist

...JUMP at BuzzRhythm...

Hey Say JUMP, Maji Sunshine, Buzz Rhythm,
1st ~Maji Sunshine~

Hey Say JUMP, Fantastic Time, Buzz Rhythm,
2nd ~Fantastic Time~

Hey Say JUMP, Over The Top, Buzz Rhythm,
3rd ~Over The Top~

this time, they had continued talking for "Ranting Corner"...
they start that corner during their 2nd time at BuzzRhytym (Fantastic Time)
since JUMP will celebrate their 10th anniversary...
it is a segment where JUMP got chance to voice out their complaints towards other members... I noticed something!!! HSJ surely a noisy group nee..(^^,)
*poor Yuyan... he got new nickname--> DVD Dorobo!!!

btw, JUMP in black!!! fully black costume and it is sooo kakkoiii!!!
*Keito solo part had been record correctly~~~

Hey Say JUMP ~Over The Top~ at  BuzzRhythm

that's all....(^^,)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to install VLC media player? [for Windows]

How to install VLC media player?, for Windows

How to install VLC media player?
You can use VideoLAN to install VLC Media Player....
just follow few simple steps, VLC Media Player will be installed into your PC,laptop...

*VLC Media Player is best to play DVD especially DVD from Japan... before this I had faced some problem when I want to play a video... I bought a DVD from Japan(Hey!Say!JUMP Concert; S3art) and I want to watch it by using GOM player... the DVD consist of 3 disc... the prob starts when I want to watch 2nd disc... it can be played by using GOM player but there is no sound at all... and it become worst when I want to played the 3rd disc as it can't be opened... I asked advice from my friend and she had told me that JAPAN DVD is the most sensitive, so it might not be able to perform well if we use GOM play... she recommend me to use VLC Media Player.... and from there, I meet with VLC Media Player...

so here, I will guide you on how to install VLC Media Player...
*It is for Windows

1 - Click this link to open VideoLAN websites....

2 - then, click Download VLC...

How to install VLC media player?, for Windows

3 - it will be appeared like this... just wait and it will be automatically download... but if nothing happened, click the click here button...

How to install VLC media player?, for Windows

4 - a link will be appeared... click that link and it will be automatically download... wait until it completed...

How to install VLC media player?, for Windows

5 - Once it completed, click to open/run it... and a message box will be appeared... just follow the instructions....

How to install VLC media player?, for Windows

6 - after that, click Finish.... now VLC Media Player had been installed into your PC/Laptop...

*feel free to ask me question.. just comment it and I will try my best to help you to install it...(^^,)

[10th anniversary] Hey! Say! JUMP ~Over The Top~

... おめでとう for the 10th anniversary ...
~keeps colouring this world with your music(^^,)~

as the beginning of the year 2017,
HSJ had released their 19th singles; "Over The Top" yesterday (22-2-2017)...
and it was really sugoiii!!!! it is rare for HSJ to released two PV at once!!!
here is the full tracklist of "Over The Top"...
it comes with 3 diff edition:

Limited Edition 1 (CD+DVD)
1-Over The Top
2-Vanilla Ice
(+) Over The Top PV and making

Limited Edition 2 (CD+DVD)
1-Over The Top
2-Funky Time
(+)Funky Time PV and making

Regular Edition (CD)
1-Over The Top
3-Our Days


I want to do something for HSJ 10th anniversary.... so I had decided that I will write any HSJ activities in celebrating HSJ 10th anniversary.... their first activity in their 10th anniversary is releasing new singles; "Over The Top".... since I'm soo excitedddd when writing this entry, please forgive me for my bad english nee~~~~(^^,)
~my review~

1 - Over The Top
HSJ sooo kakkoiiiii in synchronizing that 'sardines and shark' steps!!!
*it is not me who said that, it is from Hikaru's talk in PV making and also from Yuto's message to Tobikko* (^^,)

with just a simple black shirt and lighting from the back, they looks so kakkoii...!!!
i agreed with the member as the choreography seems quite hard... I think it same level as Fantastic Time or mayb more than that... haha... it is not me who dance it, it is them so mayb it is pointless if I comment about how hard their choreograph nee...

but the dance so synchronized!!! I'm amazed especially at the part where it looks like a sardines and shark...(^^,) besides that, I think this time each members get the same amount of screen time and also get equal lines/part... ~correct me if I'm wrong~

I got to watch Yabu-kun small-face more...
I can listen Keito voice more than usual...

ending of "Sardines and shark" part (^^,)
personally, I like this part... not becoz Yamada is at the center, but Yabu!!! He is at the center doing that fierce big step together with Yuto and Yuya... it looks like onii-chan who lead his siblings to face challenges with the help from Yuu brothers...(^^,)

not forget to mention, there are lot of pairing in this PV!!!
it  is like a gift to TOBIKKO for supporting HSJ throughout these 10 years... haha (^^,)

the PV starts with brother/love relationship, where BEST/7 had been paired up...
then later, it followed with random pairing
(hikaru/inoo, yuto/keito, yamada/daiki, takaki/chinen/yabu)
and it ends with solo part.... and that's why I said before, each of them get the same amount of screen time (^^,)... I really happy with this singles... what I mean is, it not focus much on Yamada, but it focus on HSJ as a group... and I can said that, those who just knowing about HSJ from this singles might not noticed that Yamada is actually the centre of HSJ....(^^,)

2 - Funky Time
at first, I dislike this PV bcoz it does not HSJ-like at all... then after few hours, I watch the PV again..., and then, I noticed something... the PV is refreshing!!! and now I keep repeating watching it!!!! it can't be help nee...

I mean, it is true that HSJ never had this kind of PV but watching them having fun make me wondering how difficult their journey is to reach this level.... it is surely hard for them to keep sustain in this industry for 10 years nee~~ btw ganbarou for the next step minna!!!.....

before this, HSJ always like an obedient kids who dance synchronously, but in this PV, they had shown that they can faced anything together happily!!! everybody support each other... so nothing to be worried!!!

" looks like they took a red double-decker bus for a long journey... later, they decided to stop at one garden... and all of them agreed to take a break for few hours... they want to wander around at the garden!!! then after few hours, they walking back to the bus, and continued their journey in spreading JUMP music...."
~addinfarhani imagination~

3 - PARTY !
first time I listen to this song, it reminds me to What A Feeling (single:Fantastic Time)and Go To The Future (single:Ride With Me)... I don't know why, mayb bcoz it is an exciting song...
and what a surprised is the lyrics is soo meaningful... despite of the electro tempo, it is actually an inspiring song....

"....What's up with the troublesome feelings?
Boldly laughing and Hands up!
Everybody PARTYYYYYYY!!!!
gradually gains prejudice color,
Let's wipe out the jealousy and fears,
Let's change in a moment, let's dance together...."
~extract from many part of translation lyrics in PARTY!~

so guys, whatever probs that you faced, no worries... be relax... every prob has its own solution... don't give up... faced it bravely!!!
****frankly speaking, the word PARTYYYY!!!!! keeps ringing in my mind...(^^,) 

4 - Vanilla Ice
it is a love song... like what Keito said in his message to TOBIKKO, Vanilla Ice is a metaphor to women... well, when I think of it, yeahh, it quite interesting...
who ever refused vanilla flavoured ice cream???
haha.. the fact is, mayb I'm the one who might thinking 100X to choose vanila flavour since I'm prefer with mint flavour with chocolate chip....(^^,) oppss!!... stop with ice cream flavoured topic!! need to get back to main topic..

yeah...this song want to describe that it is impossible for men to not fall in love towards his ideal girl... they surely will fall in love in their first sight when they meet their ideal girl... perhaps.. haha... it's just based on my understanding.. no one had translated it so, let's wait and see.... (^^,)

5 - Our Days
I like this song!!! agreed with Daiki... I wished someone could sang it in group like choir... or perhaps, HSJ could sing it in choir... right??? ouhh... now, I badly want HSJ perform this song live...

orait... this song has graduation-theme in it... that's why I thought mayb it suit best to sing it in choir... with medium tempo ballad, it managed to lull the listener feelings... it is like a lullaby song!!! I want Yuyan sing it with Yabu-kun!!! huhu... reason?? No reason,... I'm personally shipped TakaBu pairing nee~~~~

orait... that's all from my view of point... I think this is my first time reviewing HSJ singles completely... I do want to review other singles, but hmm... looks like I need to postpone it nee~~ I will do it next time... I'm feels happy when reading Tobikko opinion about this single as they write based on their own viewed... so, I want others feel happy too when reading my review and at the same time we can exchange our opinion, right???... (^^,)


my ranking for the songs in this single...
Our Days, Funky Time, Over The Top, Party!, Vanilla Ice

" JUMP members, がんばろう!!! keeps Kira-Kira hikare Our Days... continued having a Funky time with fellow members (^^,) I will never let you go bcoz  我 I need you....
~Tobikko addinfarhani~

I will end this entry with some pic of HSJ members at the beginning of year 2017....
happy 10th anniversary minna (^^,)
*I've to put watermark coz it is really hard to choose a right pic since there are soooo many kakkkoi pics(^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Kota Yabu
Yabu-kun too skinny nee~~ especially during Over The Top PV...

Hey Say JUMP, Yuya Takaki
Yuyan smile a lot nee in both PV...(^^,) until the level that he looks like childish-niichan... oppss... never mind, that is our Yuyannnn..... (^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Kei Inoo
Inoo-chan!!! he keep standing beside Yuyan or perhaps Yuyann is always beside him??? (--',)... anoo... I'm shipped TakaNoo too...(^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Hikaru Yaotome
I love this pic!!! No reason..~~~

Hey Say JUMP, Daiki Arioka
love this pic as well!!!.. it is hard to pause the video to get his pic in this state where he is running(^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Keito Okamoto
keito-kun!!! you get more lines nee....~~ I'm happy for you and you had done really well... your dance, singing is really good!!! in these 10 years, you had changed a lot nee!!!

Hey Say JUMP, Ryosuke Yamada
Yama-chan!!! it is hard to choose your pic but at the end, I choose to upload this pic bcoz of your smile (^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Yuto Nakajima
Yuto!!! it is hard to find a good pic that has you alone... you always with members in both PV...(^^,)

Hey Say JUMP, Yuri Chinen
Chinen.... you are energetic like always especially in Funky Time PV Making... you keeps moving nee...~~~

~The End~

Monday, 20 February 2017

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei (ENG SUBS)

it is a comedy-mystery drama...
even it is full of suspense, twist but still there is element of humor in it...

~Watashi No Kirai na Tantei~
(I Don't Like that Private Detective)

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei, Tamaki, Ayame

Akemi Ninomiya is a hardcore mystery fan...
Morio Ukai is a private detective...
can you imagine what would happened if this two person meet?

this drama starts with how Ukai-san solving a case... Ukai-san sure talks a lot but he refused to listen the reason behind the case... for him, he only want to solve it, not to listen the reason... then, it continued by showing how happy Akemi when finally she can meet a real private detective when the detective had rent a room at the building owned by Akemi...

Akemi, Ayame

Gouriki Ayame as Akemi Ninomiya
she is just a college student, but she is such a wealthy girl who has own building and always bring along with her a huge amount of money.. Akemi able to figure out reason behind the case before anybody noticed... sometimes she got influence by the drama while investigation the cases since she watched too much detective drama,...

tamaki, ukai

Tamaki Hiroshi as Morio Ukai
Ukai-san is a private detective, but he refused to accept murder cases... he prefer to tracked down lost pets for wealthy clients bcoz for him, he can earn more money by finding the lost pets... but when Ukai-san met Akemi, he always ended up investigating murder cases and Akemi get chance to join the investigation.. this duo join forces to solve the mystery...

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Shiraishi Shunya as Tamura Ryuuhei
he is Ukai-san assistant which is officially hired by Ukai-san after he managed to helped Ukai-san in catching the lost pet... Ryuuhei helped Ukai-san with the cases related with pets since Ukai-san busy with the murder cases... but sometimes he also helped Akemi and Ukai-san in investigating murder case...

Ikagawa Police Station

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Watanabe Ikkei as Sunagawa Goro
high-ranked (Keibu-ranked) detective... 

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Yasuda Misako as Miki Kaoru
she is err I'm not sure of this but mayb she is a
low-ranked detective (keibuho-ranked)...
she is like Sunagawa-san assistant since Sunagawa-san is high-ranked detective
which more powerful than low-ranked detective......

seriously this drama is good...!!!
I can't imagined Ayame investigating cases but
she surely suits to Akemi's character...
the cases are really interesting but bcoz of the humor element,
the drama become light....

then, the other thing that make me quite eager to watch this drama is
bcoz the first three actor; which are
Gouriki Ayame, Tamaki Hiroshi and Shiraishi Shunya...

as you can see the above pic,
Tamaki Hiroshi is a bit older as he is already 37 y/old
and the other two is; Gouriki Ayame (24 y/old)
and Shiraishi Shunya (26 y/old)...
*the gap is huge nee!!!...(^^,)

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

they looks like sibling!!! haha...
that's my point actually....(^^,)

above pic is at the 2nd ep...
I admit that ep 1 is quite moderate but starting ep 2,
I can't stop myself from watching it...

in my opinion, the diff between this drama with the other detective drama
is this three character.. rather than love-relationship,
I think sibling-relationship suit best with them...

those who want to give a try to watch this drama,
feel free to click below link... of coz it is with ENG SUBS...

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

it's hard for me to say this drama is really great bcoz I' not sure whether you can accept comedy+humor element in this drama... especially to those who are stressed, coz mayb you will become more stressed if you can't get the meaning of the humor... haha (^^,) but what I can say is, this drama is soo relaxed....

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

Watashi No Kirai na Tantei

full of colors!!!
if you noticed, Ukai-san (Tamaki Hiroshi) always
wear same clothes but the other two always wear bright color... (^^,)
it can't be helped nee... since I'm shipped those three,
all pics are relate with that three characters....

so that's all... enjoy watching and thanks for visit my page(^^,)

[RESEPI] Dorayaki

okeyh... kali ni nak share resepi dorayaki pulok... simple and mudah sesangat... b4 this, addinfarhani dah pernah buat but xlah simple mcm nie... jumpa resepi nie kat FB... but mcm biasa, asyik sgt salin resepi smpi terlupa plak nak tgk empunya badan yg share resepi tu...


bahan A:
3 biji telur
1/2 cawan gula
esen vanila (addinfarhani xletak pun hat nie)

bahan B:
1 sudu besar madu
2 sudu besar susu pekat
(addinfarhani letak 1 1/4 sudu  susu pekat jer)
2 sudu besar minyak

bahan c:
2 cawan tepung gandum
1 sudu kecil baking powder
3/4 cawan air


1 - putar bahan A hingga gebu.

2 - lepas tu, masukkan bahan B satu persatu ke dalam bekas yg berisi bahan A. Kacau sebati.

3 - then, masukkan adunan tadi tu ke dalam bahan C. kacau sebati, xnak ketul2..

4 - orait.. dah boleh prepare utk goreng dah. Goreng tanpa minyak yer...

5 - cara nak goreng;
tuangkan sesenduk adunan tu ke dalam pan. adjust dia bagi jadi bulat. bile nampak rongga-rongga udara kat bhgn tepi permukaan, dah boleh terbalikkan dah dorayaki tu... lepas tu dah bole angkat...

6 - then bolehla kalau nak sapu jem strawberry/buah campuran ke, peanut butter ke, or nak tuang madu atas ker, ikutah... tapi addinfarhani makan kosong pun dah sodapp...


Saturday, 18 February 2017

[RESEPI] Ubi Kayu Goreng

~Ubi kayu goreng~

seingat addinfarhani,
addinfarhani pernah makan 2 kali jer ubi kayu goreng nie...
first masa nak balik kg and second mase otw dr uitm nak balik rumah...
lepas tu mmg dah xmakan ubi kayu goreng sbb kalau gi beli jer, mesti beli keledek goreng and pisang goreng... hat lain xtgk dah (^^,)

since kawan mama addinfarhani ada bagi berbiji-biji ubi kayu,
so addinfarhani pun decide nak try buat ubi kayu goreng...
berbekalkan resepi dari bbrp laman blog yg addinfarhani terjah,
maka terhasillah ubi kayu goreng air tangan addinfarhani...

besar-besar rangup berkriuk-kriuk....(^^,)
tgah mood rajin so dapatlah buat ubi kayu goreng...
simple jer nk buat.... here, addinfarhani kasi resepinya...

~ubi kayu goreng~
2 biji ubi kayu (saiz sederhana)
3 sudu besar gula
kelapa parut (berpadanan dgn ubi)
sedikit garam

nie bahan utk bancuhan tepung...:
secawan tepung gandum
sedikit garam
air secukupnya

minyak utk menggoreng

cara - caranya:

1 - Rebus ubi kayu tu sampai empuk... then lenyekkan ubi kayu tu... sbb nak cepat, addinfarhani ikut nasihat sorg blogger ni, which is guna lesung batu utk lenyekkan ubi tuu... abis jer lenyek, letak dalam satu bekas...

2 - lepas tu, campurkan kelapa parut, gula and sedikit garam ke dalam bekas yang berisi ubi yang dah dilenyek tadi... gaulkan hingga sebati...

3 - biarkan sejuk sekejap... lepas dah sejuk sikit, barulah boleh kepalkan ubi tadi tu bagi jadi bulat-bulat comel.

Saiz ikut ska... addinfarhani buat saiz besar...(^^,)

4 - then,boleh prepare bancuhan tepung.. jgn bancuh cair sgt, sedang-sedang jer... mcm bancuh tepung untuk pisang goreng...

5 - dah boleh goreng...celup ubi tadi tu ke dalam bancuhan tepung satu persatu then goreng sampai kuning keemasan...

6 - angkat dan hidang... 

jap2... b4 nak makan, pi bancuh teh@kopi@nescafe dulu,
barulah ada umpph....(^^,)
~selamat menggoreng....~


17 February 2017
finally... the result had been announced...
congratz to all candidates!!!
especially to my twin and also my classmates+friends...
for graduating on time (^^,)

how about me??
my journey has not ended here...
perhaps, my journey still far away...

yeah... I got stuck on one subject...
yes, only one subject!!!
so, I decided to take supplementary paper...
unfortunately, that paper is available for final semester's courses only....
and that ONE SUBJECT is actually sem6's subject!!!

"Okeyh... so, what should I do now???
Looks like I need to extend one semester..."

and yes... I need to extend as my lecturer had confirmed to me
about that supp paper matter... I can't take it and I need to extend...

I am frustrated!!! but somehow
deep in my heart I am sooo relieved coz I passed the others subject...